AEthix Plexis

March 20, 2006

Looking out towards the future.

Welcome to AEthix Plexis, the blog that has already set the ‘net ablaze, prompting deep brow furrowing and questions such as: “Does this person have any sort of qualification(s)?”

A little introduction is necessary. AEthix Plexis is an attempt to elucidate the ethical demands of the present age with philosophical depth and irreverence. That’s the aspiration at least. Right now we’re just happy to have a little fun at Randy Cohen’s expense.

The ethicist-in-chief is Michael Goldman. For the purposes of this site he is a demigod, his word indistinguishable from truth. In his slightly less illustrious everyday life he is a philosophy student and perennial also-ran in division III welterweight wrestling. He’ll be addressing the ethical concerns of readers in regular postings, as well as providing a weekly rebuttal to the New York Times Magazine’s Ethicist column and posting whenever inspiration strikes.

I’m Austin Alter, the Ethicist’s lowly assistant. I’ll be selecting questions for the Ethicist, posing my own hypothetical queries and playing devil’s advocate. My real aim is to goad the Ethicist into saying bizarre things so we can have the pleasure of watching him try to explain indefensible statements through baroque sophistry.

Send your ethical quandaries to, everything from quotidian concerns to outlandish hypotheticals are welcome.

Enjoy AEthix Plexis.


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