Ethics Vacation

March 20, 2006

Ethics Vacation: by Jim Houghtaling. A film with important lessons, stellar special effects (walking backwards!!!), a pair of comical disembodied faces representing man’s dual nature and one seriously thick accent: What’s not to love?

Well… It is four and a half minutes long, and it begins to lag at the 20-second mark. Also, the protagonist clearly misleads the audience when he blames for his lapse on an “ethics vacation”. His ethical avatar is clearly present, dude’s just a pushover.

The real question Ethics Holiday raises is: why do these disembodied ethical spirits stick around at all? If I was an unapreciated conscience living in that snowy stretch of drab, and I had the ability to cut off for a holiday, I’d be out of there without a second thought.

The implications of “ethics vacations” could be truly far-reaching. North Dakota would be a rank den of licentiousness. Conversely, the tropical beaches favored by righteous spirit projections would see their debauchery levels plummet with all those prudish spirits bopping around. Co-eds looking to get wasted on spring break would head up to Saskatchewan, and freeze to death en masse.

Lucky for us, this remains only the fantasy of an amateur YouTube auteur. But, rest assured, if this outlandish scenario does come to pass, you’ll hear on Aethix Plexis first.


2 Responses to “Ethics Vacation”

  1. When you say it lags at the 20 second mark are you referring to the video stream or the content?

  2. aethixplexis Says:

    The video stream.

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