Theses are finished

April 26, 2006

The most disinterested and meritorious public servant awakens


What's this I hear? Murmurs of spring? It. Has. BEGUN! That's right, with senior these due by 5pm today the Aethix will be back on track to give Randy Cohen the ol' one-two again.

In the meantime, does anyone want to publish an 80 page paper on the ontological character of consciousness?


3 Responses to “Theses are finished”

  1. Does that page count include the bibliography, title page, table of contents, and long breaks marking chapters? If your answer is no, mine is yes!

  2. aethixplexis Says:

    Wrong sucker! The page number on the last page of the bibliography reads 83. I didn’t start numbering until the first chapter title page. With five chapter title pages and two pages of bibliography this comes out to 76 pages of body text… not quite 80 but close enough to round.

  3. giken jonger Says:

    …happiness in slavery!

    RIP Octavia Butler, Milton Berle.
    other dead millionaires…my cat? may have been his own breed.

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